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We have our own high-tech service center

We are the official representatives of Bogdan-Auto Holding

We carry out maintenance of any buses

List of our services for the maintenance of buses
# Services Cost
1 Chassis lubrication from 1800 UAH
2 Oil change, including replacement of oil and fuel filters from 1200 UAH
3 Drying filter - replacement from 1000 UAH
4 Front wheel - replacement from 1800 UAH
5 Brake pads (2pcs) - replacement from 1100 UAH
6 Brake shoe - cut / rivet from 1100 UAH
7 Expansion shaft - replacement from 2800 UAH
8 Axis - replacement from 3500 UAH

Technical process

in our own service center

Major engine repairs

Determination of harmful emissions of vehicles

Inspection and diagnostics of large vehicles

Checking the parameters of brake systems

Adjustment of lighting devices

Repair of electrical equipment

Stand for adjustment of camber and convergence of wheels